During an Exaclan battle, players employ Weapons to fend themselves with against other competitors in an on-going match. Each Weapon is unique to the girl from which it is drawn from, and can range from medieval-type tools like lances and swords, to western firearms like flintlocks and muskets. These implements are "provided" by the female that they "own". To use the Weapons, the competitor must put on their gloves and remove the Weapon from the girl's chest, which manifests through a flash of light. Despite generally only used during a virtual-reality simulated game, any damage that competitors inflict upon each other with their respective Weapon would feel realistic, and if pushed to the extreme, is even capable of incapacitating someone

Apparently, any damage done to the Weapons also happen to the girl from which it is drawn from. And if subsequently broken, the corresponding injury suffered by the girl after that would usually render them uncnoscious. The Weapons automatically dissappear once the match is over, or gets destroyed during or after that battle. Broken Weapons do not stay that way for long though, as they will regenerate overtime within the girls they belong to provided they are left unused by their masters for some time. This was seen when Shinji drew Yuki's Dagger, despite the fact that it was broken earlier by Yuki's original owner

To win the game, a player must collect 6 "stars" that appear only on specific weapons. These "stars" are actually symbols of light shaped like a reverse, 5-pointed pentagram that only appear on certain Weapons once drawn from the girl by their respective master


An Exaclan match starts once a player accepts the challenge from another, and is initiated once both parties has drawn their Weapons from their respective woman. Once this is done, competitors are free to duel by using the implements that manifested in anyway at their disposal, even if it is inappropriate for the kind of tool they actually are (i.e. a rifle could be used as a club) so long as they use it to try and win the match

Apart from the usual rules propagated during an Exaclan battle, there is apparently no rule that prohibits an Exaclan competitor to draw their Weapon and utilize them outside an Exaclan match. This was demonstrated by Kajiwara Shinji in chapter 1

List of WeaponsEdit

Dual-Barreled Shotgun
Energy Spear