Utopia Academy

Utopia is here!!!

—Academy Motto

Utopia Academy is the setting of the series. It was founded by Iwahijiri as a means to enforce male domination.


From an aerial view, Utopia Academy appears hexagonal. It is located on a man-made island. There is only one entrance and exit: a long bridge which connects to the mai

map of the academy


At the entrance of this school lies the "Front Area", which is presumably a checkpoint. Directly beyond the "Front Area" is the Middle School building flanked on its left by the High School building. On the right of the Middle School building is the School Yard, which fronts the Gymnasium, Male Dormitories, Staff Dormitories, School Hospital, and Harbor.

Lying at the very center of Utopia Academy is Central Hall crowned by the Clock Tower, which chimes in response to violations in "Exaclan". Behind the Central Hall and Clock Tower are the Central Area, School Authorities Area and, further inland, the Secret Garden whose adjacent neighbor is the Research Facility.

Adjacent to the High School building is the Café followed by the Library, Library Self-Study Area, and Female Dormitories.