Togyu Shirou (東岌 シロウ) is a member of the Student Council. He is depicted as a sadistic, insane member that loves torturing girls. He is in possession of Shishidou Hiyo, the younger sister of a girl he had hurt in the past.

Character DesignEdit

Togyu wears the standard male uniform, with two stripes on the sleeves to distinguish himself as a Student Council member. He also does not wear the vest, similar to Sumita. His base appearance somewhat bears resemblance to the character L from the manga/anime series Death Note. His overall design seemed to have gone a drastic change on his later appearance in chapter 17, and is visibly more manly and muscular than he did in prior chapters, where he is seen as almost sickly and pallid


For the most part, Togyu is shown as an insane, sadistic man who loves torturing girls, even if he has to face to Warning Penalty. He had beaten Hiyo's older sister to the point where she was hospitalized, causing Hiyo to hate him.

However, in chapter 15, it is revealed that he did this out of fear of Iwahijiri, and that in reality, he had a rather good relationship with her. He apologizes to "Shishidou-sempai," saying that he failed to protect her. And despite having entrusted to someone else the duty of looking over Hiyo, Tougyu's devotion to Hiyo's sister has proven itself to be rather strong, having caused him to subconciuosly rise up to defend both Hiyo and Tomoko in time from Mitarai's abuse


Togyu's DefeatEdit

After Hiyo rips Himoto Sora's glove, they go after Date Reiko, but are stopped by Sora and X. Sora disarms Togyu, and prepares to strike his head, but instead stops, and thanks him for protecting Hiyo. Although he tries to deny protecting her, after Sora says, "That's enough," Togyu has a flashback. It is of Hiyo's older sister, who told him, "That's enough. Just abandon me. I don't want to cause you trouble for going crazy. It's alright! I'm fine on my own. So ... thanks for everything ... Shirou."

After remembering this, Togyu takes X's weapon, and impales himself in the head. He then begs Sora to protect Hiyo and "Sempai", Hiyo's sister. He then presumably passes out; at this moment, Hiyo attempts to stab him with her switchblade, saying that what he did to her sister was unforgivable. She then breaks down, and says that it was her fault for not realizing her sister's pain.

Himoto Sora's DefeatEdit

After Himoto Sora is defeated, Togyu supposedly regains Hiyo, despite being comatose. When Mitarai notes that Togyu is cute, and prepares to kiss him, Hiyo defends Togyu by hitting Mitarai on the head. Oashi Tomoko also bites Mitarai's hand, sending him in a rage. However, Togyu subconsciously defends the two girls as Sumita grabs Mitarai's hand.


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