Sumita (住田) is the Vice President of the Student Council. Aoi Tsuki notes that Sumita is acknowledged more by L than Shoujou, and that Shoujou is Sumita's subordinate.

Character DesignEdit

Sumita is a rather tall and well-built (but not too muscular) man with dark skin and white hair. He perpetually wears dark sunglasses over his eyes (although the reason for this is unknown) and wears the regular male uniform.


Sumita's personality contrasts from the other males in Utopia Academy since he cared for Date Reiko, his weapon, by grabbing Sora's spear before it hit the chain. He authorizes Togyu to release Reiko, during L's absence, when Sora attempted to free Reiko through the final penalty.


Sumita appears to be a competent Exaclan player with sufficient experience.


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