Shoujou (also romanized Houjou or Joujou) (丞上) is a member of the Student Council.

Character DesignEdit

Visibly, Shoujou appears to be the youngest member of the Student council


While seemingly mild-mannered , friendly and sociable at first glance, Shoujou is actually the most twisted member of the student council revealed so far.

Shoujou wants to be in favor with L, although many of his plans backfire. He is also oftentimes seen with Mitarai or sitting next to Sumita.


Himoto Sora's DefeatEdit

Shoujou first formally meets Himoto Sora after the latter was informed by Date Reiko that the Student Council body may be holding Tsuki against her will. In an unseen battle, Shoujou completely overpowers Sora and acquires all of the Seal Weapons.


Shoujou appears to be a powerful Exaclan player, having bested Sora in (presumably) 5 consecutive battles. All of which she subsequently lost and occurred in a span of no less than 15 minutes


  • Many websites and fans call him "Crazy" and "Wacko". He is also one of the most hated characters because of his twisted personality.


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