Shishidou Hiyo

Shishidou Hiyo (志々堂 ヒヨ) is an ally of Himoto Sora and the former possession of Togyu Shirou.

Character DesignEdit



Togyu's Double AgentEdit

When bringing a girl over to Asagiya Karin, Hiyo is supposedly attacked by several guys near the gym, while the girl, panicking, ran over to the Infirmary to tell Sora. When Sora and Date Reiko get to the gym, there is a note, threatening Hiyo's safety.

Upon arriving at Hiyo's location, as Sora bends over to check on her, Togyu Shirou appears behind her and Reiko with an axe, but Sora is pushed to safety while Hiyo paralyzes Reiko with an injection. Hiyo reveals that she is allied with Iwahijiri and wishes for her real master, Shirou, to destroy all of the girls.


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