Mitarai (御手洗) is a member of the Student Council, which seemingly gets onto Houjou's nerves at times. He pretended to be a homosexual.


Himoto Sora's DefeatEdit

After Houjou defeated Himoto Sora, Mitarai received Oashi Tomoko as his new weapon. While in the Infirmary, he sees Togyu Shirou, and tries to get him to wake up, only for Sumita to tell him that Togyu is comatose. Mitarai then comments that "Looking at him this way, Togyu's pretty cute. I almost want to give him a kiss~", causing Oashi Tomoko and Shishidou Hiyo to start. When he is about to kiss Togyu, Hiyo intervenes, hitting Mitarai on the head. He then proceeds to attack her as well, as Sumita sits there and Tomoko watches in horror. When he is about to hit Hiyo, Tomoko herself intervenes and bites Mitarai's hand.

Mitarai is thoroughly angered, and when he is about to hit both girls, Togyu sits up while Sumita grabs Mitarai's hand.