Kajiwara Shinji (梶原 シンジ) is a member of the Student Council. He is Himoto Sora's first opponent, and lost in 3 consecutive defeats by Sora, causing the other members to criticize him. Date Reiko calls him a man of all talk and no strength.


Shinji is the first person that Sora faces.


Weapon/Girl Opponent/Weapon Outcome
Izaki Koharu Himoto Sora
Yuki Himoto Sora
Izaki Koharu
Oashi Tomoko Himoto Sora
Izaki Koharu

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


April Omake (14.5)
Shinji is seen having lost (again) to Sora while using Izaki Koharu. Interestingly, although Koharu is not his weapon, he could still use her. After retreating, he is approached by Mitarai, who says that Shinji will have to endure L's cruel punishments. While Shinji shakes with fear, Mitarai tells him that he will take the punishment, and says "Usage of tools OKAY!". While that is happening, L hears them and thinks to himself that he is sick of the Student Council.


  • Shinji slightly resembles Haru Sohma's "black" personality from Fruits Basket.


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