Exaclan is a game founded by Iwahijiri at Utopia Academy, where the men use women as weapons. Tsuki calls it a way to oppress the females. Whatever happens to the weapon, happens to the girl. Also, any damage taken feels realistic, and is capable of incapacitating someone. Weapons are also exactly the same as they are in real life, including weight, shape, and size.


To use the weapons, the male players put on their gloves and remove the Weapon from the girl's chest, which manifests through a flash of light. A battle is held between two players and goes until one player or his girl faints, or he admits defeat. Despite being a virtual game, with no blood or the like, the players and weapons (girls) still feel pain. The player that wins the battle is given possession of the weapon of the loser.


  1. Only people with a white glove with their special mark can play; all others are only weapons and collectibles
    1. Sora is the only woman to own a glove; most of the time, men are the ones who own the glove and the women are the weapons
    2. The "possessions" have a symbol on their chest that match the one on their owner's glove
    3. If someone else assaults someone else's "possession", that woman's name appears on the glove
  2. The loser of the battle must forfeit the weapon they used to the winner
  3. Only the master can touch the weapon/woman - anyone else who does so will face the Warning Penalty.
  4. The goal is to collect all 6 Stars, which are found in certain girls's weapons. The star will appear when you pull out the weapon.

Warning PenaltyEdit

The Warning Penalty affects the owner, the woman, and the assaulter.

If a man touches another man's "possession", or woman, they start feeling a headache. If they continue touching the woman for 15 minutes, the warning penalty will go to stage 2, which causes an even worse headache. If they still continue for 15 minutes, it will end up with the final penalty. The name of the woman being assaulted will appear in the glove.

However, if the owner of the woman chooses, they can release the woman, and no penalty will be dealt after the release. The owner could also confront the assaulter.


  • As L notes, only 10% of the male population are aware of the rules.
  • The Warning Penalty seems unavoidable unless the woman is either released, or the owner confronts the assaulter. When Shoujou requests some people to attack Yuki, the Warning Penalty still occurs, despite Shoujou telling the men that it wouldn't happen; Shoujou later tells them that it was their fault for not reading the Handbook.